What are the different types of PAT testers

What Are The Different Kinds of PAT Tester?

In order to perform a portable appliance test, you need to actually own a PAT tester. These come in many types and this section gives you an introduction to each type and the benefits/negatives about each form of PAT tester.


These devices are generally the most basic PAT testing devices on the market, as they don’t actually display full results. Instead, PASS / FAIL PAT testers simply tell you if a device has passed or failed the test, and are therefore more ideally suited towards those requiring quick, basic PAT testing checks.

Key Benefits

  • Cheaper price
  • Clear PASS/FAIL readings
  • Usually easy to use


  • Doesn’t display full test result
  • Tests aren’t configurable
  • No internal storage

PASS / FAIL PAT Testers with Results Display

If you want to know the specific results of your test, these devices are generally still quite cheap and provide you with pass/fail values as well as the actual full test result. Notable examples of this form of PAT tester include the Martindale HandyPAT 600 and the Seaward Primetest 100.

Key Benefits

  • Still cheap
  • Displays results
  • Simple interface


  • Don’t always perform all tests
  • Test parameters aren’t usually configurable

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